Ichnos, an international journal for plant and animal traces

Ichnos has the aim of promoting excellence in ichnologic research through publication of articles dealing with the ethologic and ecologic significance of tracemaking organisms; organism-substrate interrelationships; and the role of biogenic processes in environmental reconstruction, sediment dynamics, sequence or event stratigraphy, biogeochemistry, and sedimentary diagenesis.

It was first published in 1990 with Robert W. Frey and George S. Pemberton as editors. After its death, Bob Frey was replaced in 1993 by Ron Pickerill who shared the task with Pemberton until 2008. Current editors of Ichnos are George Pemberton and Murray Gingras (University of Alberta). With the constitution of the International Ichnological Association, Ichnos became the official association journal.

Ichnology Newsletter

Ichnology Newsletter was first published in 1968 by James D. Howard. Its main purpose was to distribute current bibliography on ichnology. Soon, Robert W. Frey joined Howard as an editor, and the Newsletter became longer and more elaborate, adding announcements of news, meetings, and books, together with current research and addresses of subscribers. After five years, Howard and Frey gave the editorship over to Charles T. Siemers (1974-76). Succeeding editors were Gary W. Hill (1979-88) and S. George Pemberton (1989-90). After the issue no. 19 in 1990, the newsletter stopped publication for almost a decade. In 1998, with Andrew K. Rindsberg and Alfred Uchman as editors, Ichnology Newsletter revived with the same spirit that it had before. Rindsberg and Uchman were responsible for 7 issues between 1998 and 2004, two of them (20 and 21) still available in the web. In 2006, issue no 27 was edited  by Shahin Dashtgard(Simon Fraser University) and Murray Gingras (University of Alberta) in 2006

Current editors are  Shahin Dashtgard (Simon Fraser University) and Noelia Carmona (Universidad Nacional de Río Negro).