Call for candidates to serve as officers of the International Ichnological Association

The International Ichnological Association must renew their officers every four years coinciding with the celebration of the International Ichnological Congress ICHNIA. Herein are established the general rules for the presentation of candidates and the election of officers. They collect the main regulations as they are in the by-laws plus some procedure regulations incorporated herein.

OFFICERS · The officers of the association shall be a president, secretary and treasurer.

· No officers shall serve more than a total of two consecutive terms in any given office.

· The president shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation, shall preside at meetings of the executive committee and ordinary business meetings of the General Assembly, shall be responsible for policies determined by the executive committee, shall act as spokesperson for the corporation, and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the executive committee are carried into effect.

· The treasurer shall be responsible for all monies and valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the corporation, and for full and accurate accounting of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the corporation. The treasurer shall render the president and to the executive committee at its ordinary meetings, or when the executive committee so requires, an account of the financial transactions and status of the corporation.

· The secretary shall assist the president, and shall be responsible for the minutes of all meetings of the Officers executive committee, the business meeting and any special meetings. The secretary shall substitute for the president if the president cannot serve. Should the office of president become vacant, the secretary shall become president and serve the remainder of the unexpired term.


· Candidates are required to be regular or honorary members in good standing.

· Members may stand for only one position in any given election.

· The period for members to present their candidatures is established to last between January 20th and March 7th 2016, that is between twelve and six weeks before the celebration of ICHNIA.

 · Candidatures must be communicated to the IIA Secretary during that period by the own candidates clearly stating to which position they stand for.

· The secretary will communicate the totality of members which are the candidates standing for election no later than March 23rd 2016, two weeks after finishing the period for candidate presentation.


· Officers shall be elected by a simple plurality of votes.

· Members will vote personally during the General Assembly to be held during Ichnia or by mail (including e-mail) sent to the secretary until April 25th 2016, one week before the celebration of ICHNIA.

· Individual votes shall be cast for each designated position.

PLEASE NOTE: Candidates for the Treasurer position should be aware that the financial activities of the International Ichnological Association are based in Canada.